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Thursday, May 4, 2017

Round 2 Of The NBA Playoffs Is Underway

The second round of the NBA Playoffs is officially underway.  As we take a look at the match ups in this round, we aren't expecting any shocking upsets.

The opening round only saw one lower seed advance, when the 5 seed Utah Jazz beat the 4 seed Los Angeles Clippers.  We can expect a similar result in the second round as the 3 seed Houston Rockets could beat the 2 seed San Antonio Spurs.  But all of the other top seeds should advance.

Aside from the Rockets-Spurs series, the other close series in this round could be the Boston Celtics-Washington Wizards series.  With that said, the Celtics have already jumped out to a 2-0 series lead.

The rest of round 2 is all but settled with the Golden State Warriors expected to make easy work of the Jazz and the Cleveland Cavaliers likely to steamroll the Toronto Raptors.

The Warriors and Cavaliers are the two teams with the best odds of winning their conference titles and making it back The Finals.