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Monday, May 29, 2017

Bryce Harper Gets Hit With A Pitch And Charges The Mound

Bryce Harper charged the mound in San Francisco after getting hit in the hip with a pitch from Giants reliever Hunter Strickland.

The two large men met in front of the mound and threw hands before the benches cleared and an all hell broke out.

I'm not exactly sure why Harper decided to charge the mound, but he's going to regret his sorry attempt at a helmet toss.

The biggest surprise of the whole video, even bigger than Harper's limp wristed attempt to throw his helmet, might be how big of a pussy Buster Posey is.  Posey stands there and watches then runs up and looks around the whole time.

You have gear on you bitch.  There is no way Harper should have made it all the way to the mound without a single step taken by Posey towards the mound.

A little early fireworks on Memorial Day.