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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Ballsy Reporter Asked Brock Osweiler If He Was Good Enough To Be A Starting Quarterback

Browns quarterback Brock Osweiler was asked by a reporter if he was good enough to be a starting quarterback.  He obviously answered yes.

After he answered yes, the reporter doubled down and asked why.  Osweiler said the proof was in the film of the last two years.

The dickhead then said, "some would say the proof is not in the film."

You're really coming at Osweiler after the parade of shitty quarterbacks that have run through Cleveland?

Everyone knows Osweiler had a terrible 2016, but what is he supposed to say?  No I can't be a starter and it's because I suck?

Osweiler should be able to throw a punch at his feet, because that's where everything he throws ends up.