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Thursday, May 25, 2017

A Braves Security Guard Took A Ball From A Kid

A Braves fan interfered with a ball in play by reaching on to the field to get a ball that was just fair.  The fan took the ball and handed it to his kid.

The batter ended up at second base due to fan interference and the kid got a ball.  No blood, no foul right?

Not even close.  Not on this hero security guard's watch.  He sprung into action and came flying out of nowhere over the wall to kick the fan out for interfering with a ball in play.

Okay the fan gets tossed, end of stoey.  Nope not with this guy on the case.  He went the extra mile and took the ball out of the little kid's hand.

I hope the security guard gets reassigned to the very important job of ticket scanner.  He clearly doesn't understand the role of security guard.

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