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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Vin Scully Ran Errands On Opening Day

89 year old newly retired Dodgers broadcaster Vin Scully spent Opening Day running errands like a normal dude.

I'm sure he would have preferred to do so in peace, but Bill Plaschke's annoying ass decided to find out what he was up to during the Dodgers opener, via Los Angeles Times:

“Today I was engaged in that other national pastime, paying bills,’’ Scully said with a laugh. “Then I went to the post office to mail them, and now I’m just leaving the carwash.’’

Opening day at the carwash?

“Some people did stop me and say it was strange to see me,’’ he said. “I told them I agree.’’

So was he headed home to at least watch the end of the game?

“I have to go to the hardware store to pick up some anti-moth product,” Scully said. “I’m not sure if I’ll get home in time to see it. Who’s winning?’’

He was told the Dodgers. He was asked if he was happy.

“Sure I am,’’ he said. “I’ve got a really clean car.’’

And you assholes thought Scully actually gave a shit about the Dodgers.