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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Video Shows Gareon Conley And Accuser Hanging Out At A Bar Prior To Alleged Assault

NFL Draft prospect Gareon Conley was spotted at a bar with his sexual assault accuser prior to the alleged hotel room incident.  That contradicts the story the accuser told police, TMZ Sports:

The footage show Conley leaving the Barley House in Cleveland around 2:20 AM on April 9th ... with the accuser and her female friends following closely behind. At one point the accuser reaches out and touches Gareon's back.

A few minutes later, Conley has his arm around another woman in front of the bar and the accuser catches up from behind and grabs his arm. Gareon looks back and appears to hold her hand.

The video is critical because it appears to contradict what the accuser told police -- that she first met Conley in an elevator at the Westin hotel around 2:45 AM.

Either way this is likely to hurt Conley's draft stock, which all the major sports networks tell me is the most important thing about the entire incident.