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Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Potential First Round NFL Draft Pick Accused Of Sexual Assault

Cleveland 19 News is reporting that an expected first round pick in the Thursday's NFL Draft was accused of sexual assault back on April 9th in Cleveland.  The name of the potential first rounder has not been released because a police report has yet to have been filed.

There have been numerous conversations at Cleveland 19 News about the report you are about to read. There's a lot at stake. It involves a young woman who said she was sexually assaulted, a young man who is about to start his NFL career, and a team who may be taking a huge risk drafting a player who's under investigation right here in Cleveland.

The accused is a college football player who is expected to be taken in the first round of Thursday's NFL Draft.

We are not naming the player because we're waiting for the police report. And we want to be very clear he has not been officially charged with a crime at this point.

A little paperwork "hold up" at the police department?  How is the NFL this so powerful they can screw with legal process for the benefit of their precious draft?

There's some shady shit going on here.