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Monday, April 24, 2017

LeBron Managed To Make Steve Kerr's Health Issues All About Him

Officially LeBron sent Steve Kerr his thoughts and prayers.  Whatever the fuck that means.

If I'm Kerr and I receive someone's thoughts and prayers I'm throwing that shit right in the trash.  What the fuck are you supposed to do with thoughts and prayers?

Great I got some thoughts and prayers.  You can't even re-gift thoughts and prayers.  They're worhtless.  Fuck your thoughts and your prayers.

There is one reason to address Kerr's absence from the Warriors sideline if you're LeBron, and that's to have heaps of praise dumped on you.  Which his stupid fucking fans had no problem doing.

Sending thoughts and prayers doesn't make you a class act.  It makes you an asshole.  Not only did you do absolutely nothing, you tried to make it appear as if you did.

That's the worst.

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