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Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Aaron Hernandez's Alleged Prison Lover's Attorney Held A Press Conference

The attorney for Aaron Hernandez's alleged prison lover, Kyle Kennedy, held a press conference today.

The attorney would neither confirm nor deny if his client and the former Patriots tight end were lovers, saying that Kennedy was a close friend a the he planned to address the topic himself.

The attorney also revealed that one of Hernandez's suicide notes was written for his client.  Something that Hernandez's lawyer previously denied, via CBS Boston:

“I was told by a source that the letter and parts of the letter didn’t make a lot of sense,” he said. “When I explained that to my client, he said there’s a language that’s spoken and in written form in a prison that is made that way so that it appears incoherent and so that others don’t understand what the meaning is.”

Kennedy's attorney also released a formal statement, via Total Pro Sports: