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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Tom Brady Put On His 17 Year Old NFL Combine T-Shirt, Wishes This Year's Participants Luck

Tom Brady still has his 17 year old NFL Combine t-shirt.  He also still has the evaluation that the combine produced.

He Put on his t-shirt and shared the scout's words on Instagram:

I found my combine shirt from 17 years ago and it got me thinking. This is what they said about me then..... Poor build, Skinny, Lacks great physical stature and strength, Lacks mobility and ability to avoid the rush, Lacks a really strong arm, Can’t drive the ball downfield, Does not throw a really tight spiral, System-type player who can get exposed if forced to ad lib, Gets knocked down easily

As @edelman11 always reminds me ... "You can prove em right or you can prove em wrong!" Good luck to all of you this weekend!!

Is five rings enough to prove them wrong?  Probably, but something tells me he picks up another ring or two before he's done.