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Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Things Got Heated In The Handshake Line After The Florida-Auburn Softball Game

Things got heated in the handshake line after Auburn's 1-0 win over Florida in softball.  Auburn's Haley Fagan and Florida's head coach Tim Walton exchanged words after shoving each other.

There is a back story here too.  Haley's sisters, Sami and Kasey Fagan, we're released from Florida by Walton a few years ago.

So Haley didn't offer up her hand to Walton during the handshake line.  He responded by giving her shoulder a shove.  Haley shoved him back and the two had words.

What a dick move by Walton.  You can't fucking shove a player like that, and that was clearly a shove, he wasn't just touching on her shoulder because she didn't put her hand up.

Walton should no doubt be suspended for that.