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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Northwestern Head Coach Chris Collins Could Do Nothing But Make Faces At The NCAA's Statement About A Missed Call

Northwestern lost 79-73 last night to Gonzaga and was eliminated from the tournament,  The game, as everyone at ESPN will point out, wasn't without a little controversy.  A missed goaltending call on Gonzaga led to a technical foul call on Northwestern head coach Chris Collins.

That play and the technical foul is the only reason Northwestern lost.  No the shot that was goaltended wouldn't have put Northwestern on top, but it would have made it a three point game instead of a six point game after the technical foul.

Clearly if it was a three point game Northwestern would have comeback and won the game.  Everybody knows that much.

Here is Collins making dumb faces like a baby who just lost a game that in no way had anything to do with this play.  There was almost five minutes left in the game when it happened.