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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Indoor Football Team Leaves Greg Hardy Signing Up To Fan Vote

The Salt Lake Screaming Eagles of the Indoor Football League left the signing of former NFL defensive lineman Greg Hardy up to a fan vote.

The fans decided against the signing by the slimmest of margins.

According to a statement released by the team, the fans voted 50.1% not to sign him, via Salt Lake Screaming Eagles:

Every successful professional sport franchise makes tough player personnel decisions, weighing the pros and cons from behind closed doors without fan input and media scrutiny. Fans have never been privy to those conversations.

FANchise and the Salt Lake Screaming Eagles have provided fans with a truly interactive, immersive experience with unprecedented access to those private and difficult discussions, ones that give power to the fans to have an open and healthy debate.

We understood this fan vote to sign Greg Hardy would be controversial, but we believe in empowering fans to make the final decision, the right decision. We stand behind what was agreed upon and what is best for the team’s future success.

The fan vote was extremely close, with 50.1 percent voting against Greg Hardy being offered a contract by the Screaming Eagles. The fans have spoken; Hardy will not be offered a contract.

Something tells me he'll find his way onto some sort of football roster eventually.  That vote was way closer than it should have been.