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Friday, March 10, 2017

Guy Recreated Villanova's 2016 National Championship Win Over UNC With Legos

A UNC fan recreated his team's heartbreaking last second loss to Villanova from last year with Legos.  He did so for his daughter's birthday, because unlike her father, she picked the winner.

My oldest daughter was born right at the beginning of March Madness. I remember watching non-stop basketball in the hospital and the first few days of bringing her home. Maybe that's part of the reason her and I have shared a special bond when it comes to the NCAA Tournament. Last year she picked @novambb to win the whole thing and I picked @unc_basketball I'll never forget watching her reaction to the final 10 seconds of that game. This year for her birthday I wanted to do something special for it. So I told her I was going to make a Lego re-enactment video dedicated to her. Happy Birthday Jovie! I hope this year is as magical as last year.

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