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Friday, March 24, 2017

Drama Queen Umpire Angel Hernandez Ejected Asdrubal Cabrera From A Spring Training Game

MLB umpire Angel Hernandez is already in mid-season form.  He lives for confrontation.  So it should come as a surprise to anyone that he refused to grant time to Asdrubal Cabrera and then ejected the Mets shortstop when he protested.

It all started when Hernandez failed to grant Cabrera time.  It doesn't matter if he was right to not grant time, there is no way Hernandez was going to grant time.  There's no confrontation in that.

A pitch later Cabrera singled and looked back at Hernandez as he tossed his bat towards the batter's box.  Hernandez stepped toward the bat and wanted so badly for the bat to hit him.

When the bat didn't hit him he pocketed his ejection hand momentarily.  Cabrera decided after he reached first to point at Hernandez and that's a no no.  Hernandez was granted his wish and tossed Cabrera.

The best part of the entire thing was Cabrera taking all day to walk across the field to make his exit.