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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Christie Brinkley Still Bringing That AARP Fire On Instagram

63 year old Christie Brinkley is still showing off her amazing bikini body.  Who knew Instagram AARP fire would be a thing?

Right now it's a one woman show.  It's a pretty good show though, especially for those of us who grew up with Brinkley in our alone time thoughts.

At one point in my life I felt old. I had pain in my right hip that was causing me to limp and inhibited my mobility. My left shoulder was frozen. 3 different doctors told me I needed double hip replacement and rotator cuff surgery! I talk about this In my book Timeless Beauty. I lay out the many injuries I have sustained as a result of my helicopter crash,skiing accidents, dancing on Broadway, etc , etc.. I decided to fight the pain. I refused to succumb and give in, and accept it as an inevitable part of aging. I want people to understand that the body has an incredible ability to respond, refresh, heal, and repair if you just take care of it. At any age you can bounce back like I have! By working with physical therapist to build muscles around the injured joints I have my life back and I feel younger than I did 3 years ago! So get off the couch. Get moving . Don't give in to the number! It's never too late to make the positive changes you are looking for and who knows... Sports Illustrated may just come knocking! Be ready for whatever adventure comes your way by taking care of yourself today! Carpe diem! @si_swimsuit #timelessbeauty #nytimesbestseller @brinkleybeauty @biosil_usa @totalgymdirect @hair2wear #bodypositive #feelgoodateveryage and always have an attitude of gratitude and celebrate your joys @bellissimaprosecco p.s. 38 years later! Lol! 💞👙#defineyournumber
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