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Friday, March 31, 2017

Cam Newton Waited To Have Surgery So He Could Miss OTAs

Cam Newton had a partial tear in his rotator cuff of his throwing arm repaired on Thursday morning.  It was a successful surgery according to the doctor, via Charlotte Observer:

“Dr. Connor was pleased with the results of the surgery and Cam is at home resting. He will begin his rehab program Monday,” head athletic trainer Ryan Vermillion told the team site.

The surgery was also successful for another reason.  Cam will now miss OTAs with full recovery not expected for 16 weeks.

Cam and the Panthers will tell you the reason the surgery didn't take place sooner was he was attempting to avoid surgery by rehabbing it.  That's bullshit.

Cam was injured in December and instead of beginning this process at that time, he played in the remainder of the Panthers meaningless games.  Then began a rehab process for the sole purpose of postponing his surgery long enough to have it allow him to miss the team's OTAs.

With such a drop off in play from his 2015 MVP season to last season, you would think Cam would want to get all of the work in he could before starting the 2017 season.

That is unfortunately not the case.  And if he comes out and lays another egg in 2017 expect Panthers fans to come down hard on their franchise quarterback.  Led by yours truly.