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Friday, February 17, 2017

T.O. Trashed Cris Carter "Here’s A Guy Who Got Released, Flunked Three Drug Tests From Philly"

Terrell Owens went on Mike Francesa's radio show on WFAN to discuss his hall of fame snub.  During the discussion T.O. brought up one of his critics, Cris Carter and absolutely trashed his whole existence, via CBS New York:

“Even you think about guys that have gone and really tried to attack my character and called me a flawed candidate, a guy like Cris Carter — trust me, I’m better than Cris Carter,” T.O. said. “I’ll tell him that. He knows that I’m not a fan of him.

“He wants me to wait because he had to wait. I did more with less. I was better than Cris Carter. So he shouldn’t mention anything about anybody, especially me, about being a flawed candidate when here’s a guy who got released, flunked three drug tests from Philly — cocaine and alcohol addiction — and then there was somewhere down the road he’s telling guys to ask somebody to be a fall guy. What kind of character is that?”

Someone needs to put a celebrity boxing match together so T.O. can follow up his verbal beating with a physical one.