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Friday, February 10, 2017

That Piece Of Shit James Dolan Went On The YES Network And Trashed Charles Oakley

Knicks owner/piece of shit James Dolan went on the YES Network to talk shit about Charles Oakley.  He claims Oakley came to the game with an agenda.

Dolan continued to say Oakley "should have never made it to his seats."  He went on to trash Oakley.

"He has a problem.  People need to sort of understand that.  He has a problem with anger.  He's both physical and verbally abusive.  He may have a problem with alcohol.  We don't know."

What a bitch move by Dolan.  Kick the dude out, have him arrested, ban him from MSG and then trash him.

If he thinks Oakley is too much for him wait until the Knicks fans unload on his ass.