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Thursday, February 23, 2017

Diaper Wearing Coward Rick Pitino Couldn't Take Heckling From A Carolina Fan

If you have any doubts about whether or not Rick Pitino is a bitch or not he cleared them up last night.

As he walked to the locker room at halftime of Louisville's loss to Carolina, a fan yelled something that baby dick Pitino couldn't handle.  So his tiny ass acted as if he was trying to confront the fan.  You know, like a guy does when he has security and his entire coaching staff with him.

Bitch move by Pitino and a bitch move by Carolina security for kicking the fan out.  He bought the ticket that means he gets to yell at you as you take your sorry ass to the locker room.  You don't get to decide who can say things to you and who can't.  Which is what Pitino's coward ass did after the game.

Here's the incident and the sideline reporter spelling out suck, I guess we can't say that word out loud or to a coach, if that is in fact all he said.

And here's Pitino after the game cowardly calling out the fan and telling you who can and cannot yell things at him.

Fuck you Rick Pitino you arrogant asshole.