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Saturday, January 28, 2017

Supervillain Grayson Allen In The Middle Of A Scuffle At Wake Forest

College Basketball's supervillain Grayson Allen was involved in another "situation" during a Duke game.  Allen was called for a foul as he and a Wake Forest player chased down a loose ball.

Allen was called for a foul because he grabbed the Wake Forest player's arm.  It was one of his signature overly aggressive plays.

Several of the Wake Forest player's teammates quickly arrived and one of them grabbed Grayson Allen and tossed him onto a chair.  Michelle Beadle is probably happy about it because we're getting closer to someone knocking him out.

I love all of it.  The best part is Grayson pretending like he has no idea why anyone is mad at him.  It's perfect.  Give me more.