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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Soon to be 45 year old Jaromir Jaguars Says he wants to Play until he's 55

Jaromir Jagr will be turning 45 in February and mentioned earlier this week that he wants to play until he’s 55.  He had previously said he wanted to play until the age of 50.

Jagr might have upped the age of his retirement to give himself plenty of time to play for every NHL team before he retires, via North New Jersey:

The Panthers' ageless wonder, actually 45 on Feb. 15 and who has long said he wants to play until he’s 50, now has a new retirement date. 

“I go to 55,” Jagr said Monday as the Panthers beat the Devils, 3-0, at Prudential Center. “I just changed. Fifty-five. I feel good so I go to 55.”

Here I am about to retire from slow pitch softball in my thirties and this dude is playing professional hockey in his mid forties, contemplating a run into his mid fifties.  But I don’t have access to the same "vitamins" as he does.