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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Odell Beckham Jr. Threw A Fit And Punched A Hole In The Wall After Loss To Packers

Odell Beckham Jr. reportedly threw a fit in the locker room following the Giants playoff loss to the Packers.  It is also believed he punched the wall and left a hole in it.

He was probably upset with the fact that he laid an egg and he knew questions about his trip to Miami would be on their way.

Joe Buck and Troy Aikman brought up the trip during the game.

As expected he was forced to answer questions about the trip after the game too.

Look I'm not the biggest fan of OBJs, but I'm with him on this.  There is no way the trip to Miami a week earlier had anything to do with his poor play in Green Bay.

It's fucking idiotic for Joe and Troy and members of the media to bring up the trip to Miami.