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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mia Khalifa Takes Shots at Johnny Manziel and His "Ratchet" Girls and Addressed Her Beef With Joel Embiid

Mia Khalifa joined the Back Door Cover podcast to address her beef with Joel Embiid, among other things.

Mia came out of the gate taking shots at Johnny Manziel for his paid selfie scheme at the Super Bowl.  She also labeled the girls he hangs with as "ratchet."

At the 41 minute mark of the podcast, Mia revealed  that she's actually a huge fan of Embiid's savage social media game and thought his reply to her comment was hilarious.

Her only regret was not using the NBA Vote hashtag when she tweeted a screenshot of his response.  The "beef" turns out not to have been a beef, more of social media game respecting social media game.