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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Katherine Webb-McCarron Responds To the Brent Musburger Retirement News

Katherine Webb-McCarron responded to Brent Musburger's retirement news with a tweet that reads, "Cheers Brent, you were good to me."  He made her a household name when he pointed her out during a National Championship game, that her now husband, A.J. McCarron was playing.

It wasn't the first time he made a household name out of a lovely young lady at a football game.  Before McCarron there was Jenn Sterger, who caught Musburger's eye at a Florida State game.

Jenn didn’t directly address the retirement news, but she did retweet a couple tweets on it.

Musburger loved the young ladies of college basketball too.  He was also found of the lesser known Annie Glockner, who he spotted taking a selfie with her friends at an Iowa State basketball game.

Brent's creeping on college hotties will truly be missed.