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Thursday, January 5, 2017

If I Have To Hear One More Word About Grayson Allen's Fucking Suspension I'm Going To Run My Car Into A Tree

Who the fuck cares how long of a suspension Grayson Allen serves?  If you think another game or two of suspension would teach this spazz a lesson then please go stand in front of the tree as a slam my car into it.

He's a spoiled brat kid who likes to trip people on a basketball court.  He's not committing incredibly violent acts against women, keeping his scholarship, burying the video, rejoining his team after a year and starring in a bowl game.

Where's the outrage over that?  No you would rather bitch about a douche kid who likes to trip his opponents.

I say keep tripping people Grayson, it's pure enjoyment.  Hell Draymond Green keeps kicking people and he gets paid millions of dollars to do it.