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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Bobby Bowden On Why Players Without Dads Wear Earrings "They Want To Be Like Their Momma"

Former Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden was on Mike & Mike this morning talking about players who don't have dads.

The 87 year old made the two hosts a little uncomfortable when he said that players without dads wear earrings because they want to be like their moms:

"I used to kid about this.  They grew up and wanna be like their momma.  They wanna be a man like their momma.  Cuz that's the way they were raised.  That's why they wear earrings."

Bowden could sense a little unease from the hosts made sure they knew his comments were a joke, "I'm kidding about that.  I had children too ya know."

The best part of the entire joke is how uncomfortable it made Mike Greenberg.  You can see it on his face.  He didn't laugh and clearly wants to crawl into a hole.  It's great.