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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Asshole Roger Goodell Claims It Would Be "An Honor" To Hand Tom Brady The Lombardi

Colin Cowherd had asshole Roger Goodell on "The Herd" to see which one of them could be the bigger asshole.

It was clear after Goodell was if it would be uncomfrotable handing the Lombardi Trophy to Tom Brady (when) the Patriots win.  Goodell answered by first verbally sucking Brady’s dick before moving on to the balls and saying it would be "an honor" to hand him the trophy.

An honor.  What a fucking dick.  He's pretty much acting like "why would it be uncomfortable."  I don’t know you jackass...MAYBE DEFLATEGATE!

God I hope the Patriots win and Goodell has to hand him the trophy.  Then I hope Brady whips it out and lays it on Goodell's face.

After Brady's finished with him I hope Bob Kraft bashes his stupid ass over the head with the trophy as he grabs his balls and tells Goodell to deflate this.

That will be more entertaining than the game itself.