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Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Arianny Celeste Is Picking Up Where She Left Off

UFC Octagon Girl and model, Arianny Celeste, is picking up in 2017 right where she left off in 2016.  And she left off on a high note.

Arianny knows how to wish a happy new year.  If only everyone understood me the way she does.

It's very, very early in 2017, but this is a strong candidate to throw into the sexiest video of 2017 discussion.  I'm confident it will hold up throughout the year.

Press ▶️▶️▶️I don't make resolutions,but every year I have a goals and I never give up on them! 2016 was great for me, in work , love, finances, and personal growth. I learned a lot about myself and will continue to, with the help of like minded people that surround me with positivity and love. I know a lot of you think 2016 was bad, and for most it was, but you have the opportunity to be the change you want to see! Go get them, push harder, make sacrifices, get knocked down and get back up! I'm Wishing you a very positive and happy new year filled with opportunity and prosperity! Remember Health is Wealth! Keep it healthy and sexy! Happy new year! ❤️😘💎🎉🎊 📽by @josevaldezphoto 💄 @taniamariamua 👙 @bella_ana__ @diannadolce 💇🏻 @missmadrid Song: The Weekend
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