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Saturday, December 24, 2016

Max Kellerman Asked Donovan McNabb If He Wants To Hold One Of Eli Manning's Super Bowl Rings

Donovan McNabb trashed Eli Manning, Friday on First Take, for losing to the Eagles on Thursday night.  Max Kellerman scraped McNabb's eyeballs right out of his head by asking him if he wants to hold one of Eli's two Super Bowl rings.  Look at McNabb's face when Max said that.

McNabb needs to shut the hell up.  He only made it to one Super Bowl in his career and lost it.  Trying to downplay Manning's postseason achievements by acting like the regular season is somehow more important is drunken logic.

Shut the fuck up Donovan.  Manning has already been to and won more Super Bowls than McNabb's dumbass.  And didn't McNabb choke in the big game?

Eli doesn't need any advice from a big game choker.