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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Arian Foster Involved In 3 AM Heated Exchange At A Hot Dog Stand

Retired NFL running back Arian Foster might rethink his 3 am hot dog cravings in the future.  Because this past Sunday he and his family were involved in a heated exchange with college kids at a hot dog stand, via TMZ:

TMZ Sports has footage of Arian, his brother Abdul and father Carl at Yoyo's Hot Dog around 3 AM on Sunday ... and at first, it seems the ex-NFL star is having fun with some local college kids. Foster says the other man's shoes are "awful."

But things quickly took a turn -- witnesses tell us the college students felt Arian took the insults too far, so they began shouting back at him. Someone shouted at Arian, "You're not even relevant anymore, n***a." 

Abdul was pissed -- and tried to confront the insult hurler (who we're told is black). Adbul then got physical with 2 people and that's when Arian and Carl rushed in to break the whole thing up.

Nothing good happens at that hour, even at the hot dog stand.