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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Von Miller's Sex Tape Partner Keeping Tape As A Masturbatory Aid

Elizabeth Ruiz, aka Von Miller's sex tape partner, spoke to TMZ about the tape and claims she asked for money.  She might have been a little too honest, via TMZ:

Von Miller's sex tape partner says the NFL star is full of crap -- claiming she NEVER set him up or shook him down ... and says she only kept the X-rated footage as a self-pleasuring aid.

We spoke with Elizabeth Ruiz -- who says Von was the one pushing to record their sexual encounter in Cancun back in June ... and they BOTH shot portions on their own cell phones.

As we previously reported, Von filed legal docs in an effort to block Ruiz from releasing the tape -- and claimed she was trying to extort him for $2.5 MILLION.

This chick seems pretty cool.  This interview might turn into an aid of sorts for me.