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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

UFC 206 Has A New Headliner

The UFC 206 fight card recently underwent a significant makeover.  Part of that makeover includes a new headliner after Daniel Cormier pulled out of his headline title fight at with Anthony "Rumble" Johnson due to injury.

The fact that Cormier pulled out of the fight shouldn't come as a huge surprise.  The dude gets injured a lot.

Here is the new UFC 206 fight card, scheduled for Saturday December 10th in Toronto, Ontario.

The shuffle in the fight card has resulted in the UFC scrambling for a new headliner that led to asking Conor McGregor to relinquish his featherweight title.  A move the featherweight and lightweight champ wasn't exactly on board with.  Who could really blame him?  He won the belt and the UFC just decided to take it away.

The relinquishing of the featherweight title makes way for a new title fight.  That fight will be the Max Halloway-Anthony Pettis featherweight bout.  The two will now fight for an interm featherweight title.

Included in the whole relinquishing of the featherweight title, the UFC made Aldo the featherweight champion.  A weird decision given McGregor knocked Aldo out to take the belt.

With that said, the winner of the Halloway-Pettis will face Aldo to unify the belt.  The odds say Max Halloway will be the guy to get a shot at Jose Aldo.  Halloway is favored to take the win against Pettis.

A Halloway-Aldo title fight would be a pretty good one.  But first things first, UFC 206 on December 10th Halloway-Pettis.