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Monday, November 14, 2016

Ron Rivera Didn't Want To Play For Overtime Because The Panthers Punter Was Hurt

Ron Rivera attempted to explain why the Panthers didn't run out the final 29 seconds in regulation and play for overtime.  His excuse was that his punter was hurt and the Chiefs had three timeouts and they have a pretty good return game.

Via Black And Blue Review: "The thing that concerned me is he had three timeouts, and our kicker had to be our punter. They have a pretty good return game; we know that, and we saw them break one. So being backed up, the thought was if we can get ourselves in position, who knows?"

Way too many what if so there for me.  I would have a lot better feeling about it if Ron would have said, "I was trying to win the game.  We went for it and it didn't work out."

You can't come out and pretty much say, "my punter was hurt, I don't have confidence in my running game and my special teams can't stop anyone."

That's weak.  That's mismanagement of the end of a game.