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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Roger Goodell Has To Explain The Fact That Donald Trump Won The Election To His Wife And Children

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, who has done a terrible job with domestic violence incidents involving NFL players, said he has to explain the election of Donald Trump to his wife and daughters.

Via CNN: "It makes my job harder at home, too," Goodell said. "I have twin daughters and a wife, so I have to explain that to them. So, that's yes on that front."

What a ridiculous statement for him to make.  Are his wife and teenage daughter unable of independent thought?

And wouldn't explaining how he initially suspended a man for just a couple of games after he knocked a woman unconscious harder to explain?  Or how about spending millions to suspend a player because air leaked out of footballs due to exposure to cold weather?

Those would be much harder to explain than the election of a man who says insane things.