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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Joe Theismann On Tony Romo "Any General Manager That Would Make A Deal For Tony Romo Shouldn't Keep Their Job As General Manager"

Joe Theismann weighed in on Tony Romo's future in Dallas.  The former Redskins quarterback told Bleacher Report Radio that if a GM traded for Tony Romo that GM should be fired.

Via SportsDay"Any general manager that would make a deal for Tony Romo shouldn't keep their job as general manager. It's a bad business decision plus what offensive line is going to be the same one he has in Dallas? I think Tony Romo stays a Dallas Cowboy. He's got a $24 million cap, you negotiate that down to a number that's palatable for the team. If Dak gets hurt, he goes and plays, and you put incentives in if he does play. To me, Tony Romo's got to be a Dallas Cowboy to the end of his career."

Aren't you glad former players who ended their career due to injury feel the need to point out the end of current player's careers due to injury?  What would we do without their insight?