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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Antje Utgaard Reveals How To Slide Into Her DMs During An Interview With Maxim

Curvy Instagram model Antje Utgaard did an interview with Maxim.  She revealed her celebrity crush, selfie tips and shared a story about the time a photographer got a boner during a shoot.

More important than all of that, she revealed how to slide into her DMs, via Maxim:

"It's always a little creepy—a lot of people come on too strong in the DMs. Compliment me in a nice way, not in a vulgar or sexual way, and make me laugh. Say something funny and think of something out of the box."

There's some very valuable information there.  The most valuable is the fact that you might have a shot in the DMs.  She didn't say don't send them.  You might have to be 6'3" and look like Ryan Gosling, but those are very small details.