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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

A Kansas Cheerleader Has Been Suspended After A "KKK" SnapChat Pic

On Monday Kansas suspended a cheerleader after a picture with three males in K sweaters with the caption "Kkk Trump" was posted to her SnapChat account.

The males in the picture, who are cheer squad members, were also suspended, via The Kansas City Star:

Kansas Athletics suspended a cheerleader Monday following the discovery of a Snapchat photo that mentioned the KKK.

Associate athletic director Jim Marchiony said KU officials were made aware of Lili Gagin’s social media posting during the men’s basketball team’s 83-63 victory over UAB.

The cheerleader claims that she didn't post the picture.

"I’m appalled that a snapchat was put out on my snapchat and posted to my account,” Gagin tweeted. “I would never (have) done that & I apologize that it happened."

The old I was hacked excuse.  I wonder who the guys in the picture say took it.