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Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Troy Aikman Weighs In On Who Should Be Starting In Big D When Romo Is Healthy

When asked by Dan Patrick if Dak Prescott could win the job, Troy responded that "I think he has won the job."  Aikman made sure to point out Romo's inability to stay healthy and it not making sense to disrupt the momentum that they've built up with Dak.

Aikman added, "There was a time, just a couple of weeks ago, that I thought when Tony was healthy, that they would go back to him.  But that was before they played Cincinati last week."

There it is.  Dak has the Troy Aikman stamp of approval.  How can Jerry Jones not put Romo back at quarterback when he returns?  Aikman doesn't hand out his stamp of approval to just anyone.