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Thursday, October 27, 2016

The Cubs Won Game 2 Of The World Series

Or as it will be remembered the Kyle Schwarber show.  Not to take anything away from Jake Arrieta, who took a no hitter into the 6th inning.

But for Schwarber to play in the World Series only six months after a significant knee injury and contribute the way he did is amazing.

The Kyle Schwarber show featured a couple of hits, a couple of RBIs and a couple of walks.  Add to that little over no offense from the Indians and you have a Game 2 Cubs victory.

In addition to the victory you have Theo Epstein looking like the goddamn genius he is.  To put Schwarber on the World Series roster could be the best postseason roster move in baseball history.  I'll leave that for the little men who cover the game, but who can't actually throw a baseball themselves, to decide.

Now the Cubs just have to figure out if Schwarber is healthy enough to play the field in Chicago.  They clearly need his bat.