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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Jose Fernandez Had Cocaine In His System The Night Of Fatal Boat Crash

Jose Fernandez's toxicology results are in and in addition to being under the influence of alcohol, the Marlins star also had cocaine in his system.

So not quite the hero he was made out to be in the days following his fatal boat crash, via USA Today Sports:

Fernandez’s blood alcohol content was .147, according to the toxicology results included in the report by the Miami-Dade County. Florida law states a BAC of more than .08 is considered boating under the influence.

Cocaine was also found in the system of Rivero, who had a blood alcohol content of .065. Macias' BAC was .044. All three were found to have sustained blunt-force injuries to the head.

This is why you don't drink and do drugs while boating kids.  Especially at night.