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Monday, October 10, 2016

It's Time For Tony Romo To Turn In Those Retirement Papers

Tony Romo's time as the Dallas Cowboys starting quarterback is over.  Well it should be anyway.

Dak Prescott has led the Boys to a 4-1 record after beating the pants off of the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday.  He looks like an NFL starting quarterback, not a rookie figuring things out.  That's half the battle according to Gruden.

Dak's thrown for 1,239 yards with 4 TD passes and 0 interceptions.  Not a bad start to his career.

Jerry Jones insists Romo will start when he returns.  But I don't know how you sit Dak if he continues to play at this level and the Cowboys continue to win.

Jones might just be saying that it's Romo's job to help quiet the media, a Tony Dungy theory.  What he should be doing is sitting Romo down and telling him that the job is Dak's.

If Romo isn't happy with that, he can inform him on the process to file his retirement papers.  It's Jerry Jones and it's the Dallas Cowboys, so they'll probably go with a dual quarterback situation.