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Friday, October 7, 2016

Haha Ohio Voters Think Ohio State Would Beat The Browns

Ohio voters were asked some questions about Ohio sports in addition to picking their next president.  According to Public Policy Polling, 62% of Ohio voters think Ohio State would beat the Cleveland Browns.

-Urban Meyer might be the next most popular person in the state, with 55% of voters seeing him favorably to 7% who have a negative opinion of him. He has another thing going for him too- 62% of voters in the state think Ohio State would win a football game against the Cleveland Browns, to only 23% who think the NFL team would prevail.

Ohio probably isn't alone on this one.  I would bet the majority of Americans would vote the same way.

Normally I would say there is no way that a college team would beat a professional team, but the Browns suck that much.  I think there are some lesser schools than Ohio State that could probably come close to beating the Browns as well.

(h/t The Big Lead)