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Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Eli Manning On Odell Beckham's Antics "You Can Get Real Sick Of It If He's Not Going Out There And Not Making Plays"

Odell Beckham proposed to a kicking net this weekend.  So when Eli Manning was on with Mike Francesa, he had to be asked about Beckham's antics.

Eli admitted when OBJ is making plays his bullshit is easier to stomach.  Here's part of what Eli had to say:

"He made plays, and so it’s one of those deals where hey, you can get real sick of it if he’s not going out there and making plays.  But when he goes out and has a couple huge catches and 200 yards and a game-winning touchdown, you still want him to be smarter, but you accept it a little easier."

Francesa asks Eli about OBJ at the 18:30 mark.