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Friday, October 28, 2016

Dwyane Wade Slashing Throats In His Chicago Debut

Dwyane Wade is going to have to apologize to all of the small innocent children who saw him use a disgusting and violent throat slashing gesture on the court last night.

Reads a statement (from a white southern or midwestern woman who loves complaining about stupid shit) on its way to a newspaper right this minute.

Because last night, in his debut for his hometown team, Dwayne Wade sealed the game with a three and then did a throat slashing gesture.  I know, pretty gruesome stuff right.

What kind of person would do such a disgusting thing?  Is this what we want our kids to see?  How are they supposed to process these things in between their games of Call of Duty on the PlayBox?

What an outrage.  Where's Roger Goodell to put an end to such celebrations when you need him.  He's doing such a great job appeasing white women in the NFL, is it time for him to run the NBA too?

Watch Wade's actions if you must, but make sure your children are watching porn on their phone before you watch between your fingers.