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Monday, October 31, 2016

Cam Newton Complained About More Non-Calls After Sunday's Win

After repeated shots to the head and the repeated no-calls during the Week 1 loss in Denver, you would think the NFL would be protecting their MVP.  Not so fast.

Sunday Cam took a shot to his legs that would have been a penalty if the hit was on a guy like Tom Brady or Drew Brees.

The excuse has been, even though a couple of the shots Week 1 came in the pocket, Cam is not protected outside of the pocket.  Well that shot is clearly at his legs while he's in the pocket.

And according to Mike Pereira it should have been flagged.

So how does this keep happening?  Is it a little bit of referee justice for the dancing and good time he has on the field?

Something has to happen before he gets seriously hurt.