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Monday, October 17, 2016

Adrian Gonzalez Refuses To Stay At The Trump Hotel In Chicago

Adrian Gonzalez refuses to stay at Trump's hotel in Chicago.  But he's not revealing his reasons.

Via Los Angeles Daily News: When the Dodgers came to Chicago to face the Cubs at the end of May, the team stayed at the same hotel they have been using for years – the Trump International Hotel and Tower near the Chicago River. Their Mexican-American first baseman did not.

"I didn't stay there," Adrian Gonzalez confirmed. "I had my reasons."

Gonzalez smiled as he declined to specify his reasons for not staying at the team hotel in June, saying, "We're here to play baseball not talk politics."

According to the article the Dodgers aren't staying at Trump's hotel for the playoffs, but not because of political reasons.

This is another reason I'm glad I don't vote, because I can just live my life and not worry about the politics of this building's owner or the people who run this business over here.