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Friday, September 2, 2016

USC Linebacker Allegedly Raped A Woman And SnapChatted The Incident To Her Ex-Boyfriend

USC linebacker Osa Chad Masina allegedly raped a woman two times.  Once with a fellow USC teammate.  During the incident with his teammate, Masina also allegedly recorded it and sent it via SnapChat to the woman's ex-boyfriend.

Via TMZ: TMZ Sports has obtained the search warrant from the investigation into Osa Chad Masina -- a 19-year-old linebacker -- who is being investigated for allegedly drugging and raping a woman on two separate occasions in July.

According to the warrant, issued in Los Angeles, the woman claims she was first raped by Masina on July 14th, 2016 at the apartment of Masina's teammate, Don Hill -- a sophomore linebacker.

The woman told police Masina gave her a couple Xanax pills throughout the day. The woman says she had also been drinking alcohol, including wine by the pool and chugging Captain Morgan at a frat party.

After the frat party, the woman claims she was taken to Hill's apartment -- but insists she was "out of it" due to the Xanax and the booze. However, she remembers smoking weed.

"The next thing the victim recalls is having sex with Osa Chad Masina," the search warrant says.

The woman claims she remembers Masina "holding her head and putting her mouth on his penis" while Hill had vaginal sex with her.

The woman says she later learned Masina had taken videos and pictures of them having sex without her knowledge and/or consent ... and Snapchatted them to her ex-boyfriend. FYI -- the woman's ex-boyfriend is a football player at the University of Arizona.

If this is true I don't think there is currently a punishment harsh enough for this crime.

I have to admit I do have some questions about why she would hang out with the dude again after the first incident.  That said it doesn't excuse the dude's behavior but it's a little odd.