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Saturday, September 17, 2016

The Yankees Have Lost Three In A Row And The Headstone Is Officially On The 2016 Season's Grave

I admit I didn't watch today's game.  Partly because I was sickened by what I saw on Thursday and Friday night.  And partly because I had shit to do.

But I'm sure they lost due to questionable decisions by their manager, as they did in the first two games of this series.

This series was pretty much the season and with three straight losses to the fucking Red Sox this season is over.  The dirt was already on the grave.  They made a furious effort to dig themselves out, despite the Yankees front office giving up and a brain dead manager.  But those forces were too much and the headstone has been placed on the season.

Time to look forward to a pretty promising 2017 in most areas, except ironically the bullpen, one of the bright spots as the 2016 season started.  The young guys look really good and provide a nice foundation to build on top of.

But first they need to fire that piece of shit Joe Girardi.