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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Richard Sherman Knows Why Cam Newton Wasn't Evaluated For A Concussion After Multiple Shots To The Head

Richard Sherman explained the relationship between players and the NFL for the Players' Tribune.  Sherman also explained why, after multiple shots to his head, Cam Newton wasn't even evaluated for a concussion in week 1.

"If you take the reigning MVP out of the game, in the last couple minutes, with the game on the line, he'd be frustrated, the fans would be frustrated.  But it would be in line with what you said that you wanted to see in terms of player safety, but you didn't because it would affect the ratings, it would affect the game."

That's about as honest an explanation of what went on with Cam in Denver week 1 that you're going to hear from a player.  If we've learned anything about Richard Sherman it's  Ricard Sherman keeps it one hunnit.